Shopping for college can be stressful. As an incoming freshmen you might find yourself clueless as what to buy. If you’re an upperclassmen you might be new to apartment living and suddenly you have a whole kitchen and living room to fill. Regardless of your status, you might be faced with some difficult times while browsing, unsure of what to purchase. Here are some helpful suggestions to make your college shopping experience easier.

Make a List

This might seem simple but it’s a very important step in the dorm room shopping experience that many people bypass. Having a list is helpful while shopping so you can make sure that you stay focused and don’t forget anything. A great place to start is by going to the UWGB Housing and Residence Life webpage for a list of suggested items to bring to campus. Then think about items that you use every day that you will need in Green Bay. Another great thing to do is look around your room for important items and add those to your list. By creating a list and staying organized your shopping is already off to a great start.

Talk To a Friend

Do you have a friend that already has a year of college under their belt? If you’re unsure of what to bring to college they are a great source to ask about what to bring. They can provide insight on what they bought, what they wish they had remembered, and any other tips they have about shopping to live on campus!

Consult Your Roommate

You and your roommate will want to be in contact regarding your dorm room to ensure that everything needed is divided up. Plan who is bringing the television, the fridge, the microwave, etc. You also might want to discuss dorm decor in case you and your roommate wish to buy coordinating items. If you live close going dorm shopping together could always be a fun way to get to know your roommate before the year starts.

Shop Around

It’s okay if you don’t buy everything at once. Stores will be having different sales and specials all throughout summer so you are going to want to shop around to ensure you get the best deals possible. Break down your shopping trips. One day just go looking for desk and school supplies, the next make your focus bedding and bathroom. Be sure to compare prices between stores as well.

Think Transportation

Buying a bunch of dorm accessories can be a lot of fun but don’t forget that you need a way to get all of your belongings to campus. Keep this in mind while shopping if you’re purchasing larger items. How many cars will be carrying your items to campus? Do you have storage to put stuff in during the drive? One suggestion is if you buy storage containers, such as a 3-drawer organizer, be sure to pack your belongings in an empty container to maximize room for transportation.

Shopping for college can seem like a daunting task. Be sure to use these helpful tips so your shopping trip is smooth sailing.