Your Housing Contract Ends at Saturday, May 17 at 4:00 pm

Students are encouraged to vacate their room or apartment within 24 hours of their last final exam and must leave no later than Saturday, May 17 at 4:00 pm unless arrangements for summer housing or an extended stay have been made. You must clean, remove your belongings, and vacate your apartment or residence hall room by this time.

Check-out Procedures

All students must complete the online Express Check-Out Process when moving out. A walk-up computer are available kiosk is available in the Community Center, if you need a computer. Failure to check out online will result in a $50 improper check-out charge. Please do not check out until you are ready to leave, door access will terminate upon check-out.

Cleaning Instructions

In order to avoid cleaning charges, make sure to clean your room/apartment thoroughly. We strongly recommend discussing cleaning responsibilities with your roommate(s) using this form. Additional cleaning information including this cleaning checklist and oven cleaning instructions are available to you as well.


Students do not need to change the current configuration of their beds (bunked, junior lofted, etc.), however beds must be properly assembled, and all furniture provided must be in the room upon check-out to avoid damage charges.

Submit Your Maintenance Requests Now

If you are aware of items in need of repair in your room or apartment, please submit an online maintenance request for these items now. Your room/apartment will be inspected after you move out and you will be charged for any damages, missing items and/or cleaning. Normal wear and tear will not result in a charge.

Silent Hours

As you know, your classmates expect an atmosphere conducive to sleep and study, especially during this time of the year. Silent hours will be posted in your buildings and Resident Assistants are expected to be particularly sensitive to noise levels.  Violations of University and Housing policy will result in judicial action which may include your immediate eviction, cancellation of your housing contract and/or referral of your case to the Dean of Students Office.

Donate Items that You No Longer Need

For the remainder of the year, Housing & Residence Life will be teaming up with the campus Sustainability office and Goodwill, Industries to provide residents with the opportunity to donate unwanted items. For more information on this donation drive, check out this blog.

Bicycles on Campus

Please don’t forget to take your bike with you when you leave! All bikes left behind will be removed and turned over to Public Safety for disposal.

Address Change

To update your address for mail sent from the university, log into your SIS account and update your mailing address. Be sure to update your address with credit card or cell phone companies, magazines, banks, etc.


If you have any other questions, please contact Housing & Residence Life at (920)465-2040 or

Good luck on final exams!