TodSarah Lay the RA/CA Spotlight is on Sarah Londo. Sarah is a psychology major with a minor in human biology. In her free time, Sarah likes to run and hang out with friends.

This is Sarah’s second year as an RA and her favorite part of the position is networking and making connections. “I’ve learned so much from so many people in my time as an RA.” Sarah said. One of Sarah’s biggest accomplishments as an RA was helping this year’s mural program, where residents can work together to paint a mural in their residence hall. Sarah was also awarded the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges award this past semester. Being an RA has taught Sarah to be more patient and open minded. “I always thought I had enough patience and open-mindedness, but by developing these qualities through my position as an RA, I have gained so much more insight.” Sarah said.

Sarah also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “My favorite memory was during training my first year, when a few of the other new RAs introduced themselves and invited me to walk to the bay with them that evening. I knew at that moment that being an RA was definitely the right thing to do while at UWGB. I’m happy to now call those RAs some of my best friends.” Sarah said.

Thanks for all you do!