Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Mitchell Sabez, a Resident Assistant in Pamperin Hall. Mitchell is a business administration management major and, in his spare time, Mitchell likes to play intramural tennis and ultimate frisbee. Mitchell is also a big fan of movies and good music.

This is Mitchell’s third year as an RA and his favorite part of this position is getting to know people he otherwise would not have met. Mitchell’s biggest accomplishments in his RA position are writing three winning Of The Month awards and receiving an Of The Month award for a staff program last year. Mitchell said that this position has taught him just how necessary the job of the RA is. “We definitely need RAs on campus to assist people with a whole lot of different things.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also reflected on his favorite memory from his time on staff. “My favorite RA memory is taking pictures with both of my thumbs up in the air and being in the housing pamphlet the last two years.” Mitchell said.

Thanks for all your hard work!