Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Andrew Haugen a Resident Assistant in Ed Thompson Hall. Andrew is an art major with a minor in graphic design. In his free time, Andrew enjoys the art of photography.

This is Andrew’s first year as an RA and his favorite part of this position is communicating with residents and forming a bond with them. Andrew also attributes his biggest accomplishment to bonding with his residents. “One of my biggest goals this year as an RA was just having my residents acknowledge me. Many of them even invite me over and give me treats, which is awesome.” Andrew said. Andrew also had the accomplishment of getting into the 41st Juried Art Exhibition in the Lawton Gallery here on campus and winning the Chancellors Award at that exhibition. Andrew said that this position has taught him a lot about time management skills and networking with people.

Andrew said that his favorite staff memory is anytime his residents give him treats.

Thanks for all your hard work!