Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Stephanie Schoeder, who always goes by Steffi. Steffi is a history major with a double minor in political science and education. She is also obtaining a broadfield social studies degree with a concentration in psychology. In her free time, Steffi likes to read, watch movies and hang out with friends.

This is Steffi’s third year as a Resident Assistant. Her first two years were spent in the residence halls and this year she is in the apartments. Steffi’s favorite part of the position is seeing growth in her residents, her co-workers and personal growth as well. While Steffi has won several awards, such as the University Leadership Award and a Spotlight OTM, she attributes her biggest accomplishments to things she did just to prove to herself that she could. “ An accomplishment of mine was going on a travel course to Mexico last January,” Steffi said “where I was forced to be out of my comfort zone and try many things that I hadn’t done before.” Steffi also mentioned that learning that it is not the end of the world to fail at something was an accomplishment for her. “Accomplishments to me are things that make you grow as a person” Steffi said “and that can’t always be pinpointed to an exact time, place, or location.” Being an RA has taught Steffi patience, trust and how to quickly adapt, just to name a few. “This job has taught me so many things that I can’t write them all down.” Steffi said “I don’t think I even know what it has all taught me.”

Steffi also reflected on her favorite memory from her years as an RA. “We were still in training, and I very much kept to myself.  I was making door decs in my room and had decided it was time to call it a night when there was a knock on my door.  Opening it, I find 3 of my fellow Phase One staff members in the door, Sean Sperberg, Zac Gholston and Burgandy Brockman.  They asked me if I wanted to go to Perkins.  Confused, I said I had my pajamas on and I was about to go to bed.  This was clearly not a good excuse for Sean.  He told me that nobody cared if I was in my pj’s at Perkins, it was after midnight.  Seeing that Sean was not going to take ‘no’ for an answer I caved in and grabbed my wallet to go with them for my first ever late night Perkins Run.  While I don’t remember much of the conversation that happened at Perkins, this has to be my favorite staff memory because this is what opened the door to me being a part of the RA family.  Even if I was an introvert, people were not going to let me stay in my shell and hole up in my room.  I had excellent mentors who made me break out of my comfort zone and see all of the amazing opportunities around me.  Without this position, I would not have done nearly all that I have done while in my tenure at UW-Green Bay.”

Thanks for everything you do Steffi!