Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Nicole Duhaime who is a Resident Assistant in 3318. Nicole is a music education major with certification in choral and general music. “I hope to be an elementary music teacher.” Nicole said. In her free time, Nicole likes to sing, read spend time with friends, hike and watch british television shows.

This is Nicole’s third year as an RA and her favorite part of the job is making new friends. “Most of my closest friends are RAs.” Nicole said “And I would be lost without them.”   Nicole has had a lot of academic accomplishments including performing in the student honors recital last February and her junior recital last spring. “I am also very excited to graduate with a degree in Music Education in only 4 years,” Nicole said “Most take 5 or 6 years.”  As for accomplishments in the RA position, Nicole notes that as a third year staff member that many of the other newer staff members look to her for guidance. “It is so great to be able to guide other people on their own paths to leadership.” Being an RA for three years has taught Nicole the importance of time management. “.  I have adapted to the busy, hectic lifestyle it brings and learned to organize my time in a way that I can still complete all my tasks.” Nicole said “This will be extremely helpful when I student teach next semester.”

Nicole had a hard time coming up with just one favorite memory from her years on staff. “I truly have no distinct favorite memory, but I always enjoy the 2 weeks of RA training held in August.” Nicole said “We all practically live together as a family, constantly being together at RA camp, in training sessions, and even in the Community Center as we work on door and hall decs together.  We all get really close and become fast friends.”

Thanks Nicole and we hope you have a great final year!