Today the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Bryana Payne, a communication major with an emphasis in electronic media. Bryana, or Bry for short, is an RA in Long hall and, in her free time, enjoys taking pictures, going to concerts and eating sushi.

This is Bry’s second year as an RA and her favorite part of the position is listening to her residents. “It is an awesome feeling when residents can just come to you and tell you things that range from being weird and funny to stressful and serious.” Bry said. “Either way it is great to know that they can come to me.”  Bryana attributes her biggest accomplishments in this position to helping her residents academically and helping them land leadership roles on campus. Bry also said that being an RA taught her a lot about time management. “I cannot stress enough how much this job will make an impact on your time management skills.” Bryana said.

Bryana also reflected on her favorite memory from her time on staff. “Last year, I had some very active residents who liked to stay up late and watch movies.” Bryana said. “These group of students were watching a horror movie, with all of their lights off and it was already a dark night. As I walked up the stairs and through the door, one of the girls let out this blood curdling scream and fell straight on my face.” Bry said that moment really helped launch a strong community between her and her residents.

Thanks Bryana for all you do!