Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Elizabeth A. DuMez, but everyone calls her Liz. Liz is a public administration major with an emphasis in nonprofit management. Liz has a long list of nicknames including Liz, Lizzie, Lizzie Love, The Liz, Lizard, Liz the Wiz, Liddy, and Lizax. In her free time Liz likes to watch hockey and football, go shopping, see movies and watch “How I met Your Mother.”

Liz has been on Desk Staff for one year and her favorite part of being on staff is answering questions. “I can get a lot of weird ones from incoming freshmen,” Liz said “But I like that I can clear up any confusion and help people choose to live on campus.” This position has taught Liz to persevere and get the job done. Her biggest accomplishment is helping plan the Steps to Make a Difference Walk. “I have had to contact three different news stations and do much more to help coordinate this fundraiser.” Liz said “It will be a great resume builder.”

Liz also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “One night during my graveyard shifts the AC on duty, Quin, had to come in for a quick call.” Liz said “She asked me one question and it ended up being at least an hour long heart to heart about life and it was wonderful.”

Thanks Liz and good luck with this year!