Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Beth Heidtke, an elementary education major. Beth will be student teaching next semester and will spend nine of those weeks teaching in Mexico. In her free time, Beth enjoys doodling, reading and shopping.

Beth has been on Desk Staff for three semesters, two semesters as a Desk Manager and this semester she is an Office Assistant. “I really enjoy working in the mailroom.” Beth said, noting her favorite part of her job. “It’s really fun when people get surprise packages. I feel like I’m making their day.” Beth’s biggest accomplishments include being recognized as “Most Proficient in All Areas” in her position last year and becoming the editor-in-chief of Sheepshead Review, a student journal of arts and literature. “I’m also really proud that we’ve handled over 20,000 packages in the mailroom since I joined the staff.” Beth added. Beth also said that being on Desk Staff has taught her a lot about patience and multi-tasking.

Beth also reflected on her favorite memory from her time on staff, noting that her co-workers Cassie Alfheim and Stephanie Wieck have become two of her closest friends.  “I also enjoy all of our desk staff get-togethers, from making caramel apples to Christmas parties to movie nights.” Beth said.

Thanks for all you do Beth and good luck with student teaching!