Today we have a Spotlight Special! Gail Sims-Aubert is our new Director of Housing for Residence Life. She wants students to call her by her first name, Gail. In her free time, Gail likes to exercise, go on bike rides, read and shop.  Gail is also involved with UMR-ACUHO, which is the Upper Midwest Region-Association of College and University Housing Officers.

Gail did her undergrad and graduate work at University of Nebraska Kearney. Gail’s bachelor is in broadcast sales and her master is in speech communication.  Gail has invested 20 years into working in residence life. “I enjoy what’s different every day.” Gail said. “And every year is a fresh start.” Gail credits one of her biggest accomplishments to serving as the President of UMR-ACUHO.

Residence life has taught Gail a lot of things.

“I have never seen it all,” Gail said. Working for residence life is always a new and exciting challenge and there is always something changing and developing.

Gail also likes working with students and watching them grow through their time on campus.

“It is ok to make mistakes,” Gail said when asked what she likes to instill into her students. “That is how we learn. If we succeeded all the time we wouldn’t learn as much.”

Gail has a big vision for what our Residence Life could become.

“I say these things not knowing what has been already done.” Gail said as a disclaimer to her vision. She wants to see Residence Life partner more closely with academia and really start to explore what students we are not currently serving. 

“I want Residence Life to be seen as go-to people.” Gail said.

Gail wants Residence Life to be seen as educators who provide real world applicable lessons that can only be learned outside of the classroom. 

Welcome to the team, Gail!