Zac is a creative writer so he chose to write his own blog. Below are Zac’s exact words. Hope you enjoy!

“Well hello, my name is Zachary Gholston, but you can just call me Zac. I am currently a super senior aka in my 5th year here at UWGB, although my friends like to say that I am a veteran.  I am a Creative Writing Major with a minor in Communication. Both are equally important, although I am taking a majority of my credits in Comm.

Although my life is super busy, I still have time to watch my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. It’s Legen….wait for it… dary…LEGENDARY! I also like to write short fiction based off dystopian communities. It’s kind of my passion, and I hope to one day be published.  Currently I am working on a story about a girl who dreams of her reality after going into a coma. It’s not exactly dystopian but young adult fiction is where I thrive.

Most of the time though when I am not in my room writing and watching HIMYM; I am spending my time with my closest friends. We call ourselves the Arlenean’s, although I am not originally apart of the group, I was adopted by the group my sophomore year.  That was back in 2010 when I first became an RA or Resident Assistant. Let’s just say that back then I wouldn’t have thought that I would be an RA for long, but now that I have been an RA for 4 years, that’s right 4 years, I really enjoy my leadership position. 

Also for last four years as a RA I have worked with First Year Students. Most people ask me how I do it, but honestly the First Year Students are so much fun to work with. It never gets old, and believe me every year has its twists and turns. Through all these twists and turns though I have found my favorite part of my job is learning about others and where they come from. Call me a writer, but learning about everyone’s stories gives me new perspectives. I often times model my characters after people I know, because their stories really have impacted me.

One thing I have found over the past four years is that when you work with a certain group of people, no matter the social setting, they start to become a second family. I have found that in my job, and honestly I wouldn’t call it my favorite thing, just a wonderful conclusion. The people that I work with have become a family to me, I trust them all thoroughly and for a certain few I feel like I have known them my whole life when in reality it’s only been a few years.

Overall, though, my job has taught me a few things about life. One, life will always be unpredictable. Whether it’s the three am fire drill or the late nights watching movies with residents, life will always be unpredictable. Two, sometimes the closest people in your life aren’t family, but the people you share your story with. Three, Listen. It seems simple, but honestly taking the time to listen to the sounds of the campus, or the brewing of coffee makes you realize that the world around you is complex and you have a huge role in it.Do you drink that cup of coffee or work on a paper outside while the birds chirp above. Either way, you played a role in your own personal story.

I bet your thinking that after four years I have accomplished so much, and I have, but they are personal achievements. Over the last four years I have been nominated, accepted, and promoted within the National Residence Hall Honorary. An organization where 1% represents %100 of on-campus leaders. That’s not all though, in the last four years, I have traveled and met people from all over the country in large leadership conferences, I have completed several 5K challenges, wrote and edited for an international magazine and most importantly got the privilege of being a reason why people became leaders in the first place. That’s the greatest accomplishment ever, seeing the first year students achieve academic, personal, and leadership success.

With that though I will leave you with my all time favorite memory from my time as an RA. My favorite memory has to be the time I was working in my second year as an RA. One of my residents who had just become an RA himself, was sitting across the table from me. As with any new group they asked us to answer a few questions about ourselves, but the last question was who influenced you to become an RA. Without hesitation my resident and friend, looked at me and said Zac is the reason why I am here. I smiled because know that I had made that impact was the greatest feeling ever. I can’t describe it in words, which is saying something but it was simply amazing. With that I leave you, good luck to everyone this year, and enjoy your time here at UWGB it goes by quicker than you think.”