Today the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Kayla Runingen, a Resident Assistant in 3324. Kayla is a double major in psychology and human biology with an emphasis in health science. In her free time, Kayla likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and play sports.

This is Kayla’s first year as an RA and her favorite part of this position so far is being able to plan programs for her residents and all of the new leadership opportunities she has through the position. Kayla also said that her biggest accomplishment in this position is that her first few programs were very successful. So far, this position has taught Kayla time management and organization skills. “I always have something going on.” Kayla said.

Kayla shared her favorite memory. “My favorite memory this far is being at RA camp.” Kayla said.  “I learned so much in the 2 days we spent there, like sending my entire staff though a tire without touching the inside of it.” And then she also shared her funniest memory. “One of the funniest memory I have is letting a parent of one of my residents use my bathroom during move in day because they couldn’t wait for their child to get back from checking in.” Kayla said.

Thanks Kayla and keep up the great work!