Today the the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Kara Meyer, a Resident Assistant in Cletus Hall. Kara is a double major in psychology and human biology with an emphasis in health science. In her free time, Kara likes to shop, sing, play sports, and read.

This is Kara’s first year as an RA. “I love getting to know residents and their interests as well.” Kara said, talking about her favorite part of being an RA. “It is amazing being to help them find what is available on campus and use it to their advantage. After all, the most important thing, next to the academics, is to make sure you are enjoying your college experience to the fullest.” Kara also sees her RA position has her biggest accomplishment. “Though it has a heavy workload,” Said Kara “It is incredible to see how much you help and benefit your residents. Even though it has only been a month with my residents, it is amazing to see how much they have learned about their new home at UW Green Bay, and how much I have helped them along the way.”  One thing that this position has taught Kara is time management. “When you have a huge list of things you need to get done, it is important to take it in stride.” Kara said. “Things will get done one way or another, but it is important to make sure you enjoy each day to the fullest, even if it means you don’t hang up posters until tomorrow.”

The last thing Kara shared whas her favorite staff memory. “I really enjoyed going to camp and performing the skits with the rest of Phase 2.” Kara said. “We definitely are the ‘Butter Half’.”

Thanks Kara for all you do!