Today the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Angie Danowski, a Community Advisor for one of the traditional apartment communities. One unique nickname Angie has is “pocket ninja” given to her by her by her friends and RAs her freshman year of college. Angie is an applied music major with a double minor in arts management and theatre. In her free time, Angie enjoys time with friends, acting, dancing, going on walks and runs on the arboretum trails, and visiting places in downtown Green Bay.

Angie has been working for Residence Life for three years. She was a Resident Assistant for a year and is currently serving her second year as a Community Advisor. “My favorite part of being a RA/CA is all the connections I’ve made the past three years while in this position.” Angie said. “I found I begin working with my immediate staff and then as the year goes on, I begin to branch out to other RAs and CAs and many residents, depending on the program or project I’m working on.   It’s been fun getting to know and work with so many different people.  Within the RA/CA staff, I feel an enormous support system, and I feel I can go to anyone for help in a time of need.  We become like family within the RA/CA staff, and I’m confident many of the friendships made while on staff will last beyond graduation at UWGB.” Angie’s biggest accomplishments in her position include three “Of the Month” awards for RA of the Month over a two year span and her nomination for the spotlight “Of the Month”.  Other accomplishments that Angie notes are her internship where she helped organize the 12th International Montreal Czech and Slovak Voice Competition, which was held at the end of September, and preparing for her voice recital in November.

Angie also said that this position has taught her a lot about being a leader, even in hard times. “Being a CA has taught me that sometimes, you need to do what’s best for the team, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do.” Angie said.  “For example, this year one of our staff members had an emergency situation and was absent for a week. Though I was very worried about him and knew some our plans would change without him being there, I knew I needed to stay calm for the rest of the staff.  I needed to accept that things change, but that overall, we’d stay together as a team.  I knew my staff would be looking to me in this unexpected situation, and I wanted to be a calm figure for them to follow.  Being a CA has taught me that sometimes events and situations don’t go the way we plan, and we need to roll with the changes.”

Being on staff, you make a lot of memories. “It is very hard to choose a favorite memory while being on staff because there are so many,” Angie said. “But I really enjoyed creating a skit with the Trad staff last year while at RA camp.   Many of our staff members brought instruments with them, and we incorporated them into the skit.  Together we created a hilarious storyline, and we all laughed until we cried while creating the skit.   Anytime any of us needed a laugh during the year, we’d reference the skit, and it would bring a smile to all of us.”

Thanks Angie and here’s to a great year!