Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Stephanie Wieck, a double major in accounting and business administration with an emphasis in finance. In her free time, Stephanie likes to read, spend time outside, and bake for friends. “I’ve been told that I make a great fruit pizza.” Stephanie said.

Stephanie has been on Desk staff for six semesters, and unfortunately, this will be her last semester on staff. “My favorite part of being on the Desk staff has been the many friendships I have made with my coworkers.” Stephanie said.  “I also enjoy getting the chance to meet and talk with the students who come to the desk or the mailroom.” Being on staff has taught Stephanie time management skills, teamwork skills, and how to have fun at work. “My biggest accomplishment in my desk staff position was having the opportunity to work as a Business Operations Assistant during the spring semester and over the summer.” Stephanie said. “This position allowed me to have a larger leadership role, as well as take on more responsibilities and become more involved in the office.”  Stephanie is also proud of her academic career, maintaining a high GPA and surviving all of her upper level accounting classes.

“I have met some of my closest friends, such as Cassie, Beth and Veronica, through working on the desk staff.” Stephanie said, reflecting on her favorite memories from her time on staff. “And we have made a lot of great memories together.”

Thanks so much Stephanie for everything you have done and here’s to the last semester being a great one!