Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Emily Bjerstedt, a human development major. Everyone calls her Emily, and in her free time, Emily likes to draw, read, sew, nap, talk, and listen to music.

Emily has been on Desk Staff for just over a year. “I really appreciate how well res life works with their student workers.” Emily said about her favorite part of this position. “They work with my crazy college schedule and invest in each of our lives outside of work too.” Emily also talked about how mauch this position has taught her. “It has definitely taught me how to be more professional and how to deal with people in general,” Said Emily “Whether it be creating a welcoming environment or problem solving.” Emily credits some of her biggest accomplishments to becoming a desk manager, being on track to graduate a year early, and becoming a leader in CRU, which is a student org on campus.

Emily also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “One that always makes me laugh is I was working a late shift at the front desk in winter on a snowy night and had to go run downstairs for something and so tried to put the “be right back” sign up on top of the desk.” Emily said. “Turns out the sign has two sides and I accidently used the tornado warning sign from summer. A resident came in and had a good laugh about it!”

Thank you Emily and have a great year!