Today the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Kyle Simpson, a Resident Assistant in 3314. Everyone calls him Kyle and he is a studio arts major with a design arts minor.  In his free time, Kyle likes to play video games, watch movies, and spend time playing board games with friends. His favorite games include Cataan and Munchkin.

Kyle has been an RA for two years now. When asked what his favorite part of the job was, his answer was surprising. “The reason I became an RA was mostly being stuck in a lousy roommate situation,” Kyle said. “But I chose to follow this path because throughout high school I had been clinically depressed. I’m positive that if it weren’t for the people who helped me through those tough times, I would not be where I am today. Because of this fact, I take great pride in helping people almost any way I can, and I know that living on campus is the first time many people will have ever lived with a roommate and can be a stressful situation, so I am happy to share my experiences and make people feel comfortable and safe.”  Kyle said that overall this position taught him how to be more sociable. “I was usually found studying, playing video games, or spending time with family,” Kyle said. “So I have never really connected with anyone around my age until I became an RA.” Kyle identified this as his biggest accomplishment.

The last thing Kyle shared was his favorite staff memory. “Every year on the very first day of training,” Kyle said. “The RA staff goes to a camp for some team building activities and for the staff to get to know each other, new members and old. My first year on staff, I remember starting the day being nervous and waiting to get on the bus, while I wasn’t talking to anyone. Through the events of that first day, and spending time talking with people, I felt at home and like I had become a part of the RA family by that night. Later in the evening, we all gathered around a campfire and each of us shared something, whether it be a memory, thought, or just something we were excited about. I remember that I was so overcome with the amazing feeling of being welcomed that I almost cried my eyes out in front of everyone.”

Thanks for being an inspiration Kyle! Good luck with the upcoming year!