Today the RA/CA spotlight is shining on Ben O’Heran, a Community Advisor for the contemporary apartments.  His friends call him Ben and he is a double major in first nation studies and environmental policy and planning. In his free time, Ben likes to spend his time at CrossFit, spend time sleeping, and spend time enjoying a good book.

Ben has been on staff for three years. His first year he was an RA in the residence halls, and this will be his second year as a CA for the contemporary apartments.   When asked what his favorite part of his job was, he said “My favorite part of being a member of Residence Life is seeing people develop and grow.  It’s amazing to see how people change and grow into the person they are meant to be and it’s even more amazing to play a role in helping that person reach their full potential.” Ben said that overall this job has taught him organizational skills, especially as it pertains to having your day planned out well, and leadership skills. One thing Ben is looking forward to this year is spending time with indigenous youth on campus.

Ben also shared his favorite memory from his years on staff. “I enjoy all the little things about this job,” Ben said.  “I enjoy getting to know the residents and everybody on staff.  I also remember all the late nights and random funny comments that get shared.”

Thanks for all your hard work Ben, and here’s to another great year!