Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Gina Vlach, an environmental policy and planning major with an emphasis in planning. She doesn’t have any nicknames; everyone just calls her Gina. “I love to be outside.” Gina said in regards to her free time. “On the weekends, my roommate and I spend a lot of time in the arboretum on walks. I spend my fair share of time on pinterest as well.  I also enjoy crocheting and cooking, but not baking.”

This is Gina’s second semester on Desk Staff and her favorite part of the job is interacting with a wide variety of people. “I enjoy working in the mailroom and watching people get excited when a package is bigger than they expected or didn’t even know that they were going to receive a package.” Gina said. “I also love working with the other people on staff, whether they be RAs, CAs, FAs, ACs, pro-staff, or just other desk staff members, they are some of the nicest people.” Gina said that this position has taught her to always talk to other student staff members, especially on weekends.

Gina said that her favorite staff memory was when a student received a giant box of Florida oranges from his grandma.

Thanks Gina and have a great year!