Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Cassie Alfheim, an arts management major with a triple minor in vocal performance, spanish, and international business.  Her nicknames include Cass and Cassssicle but most people call her Cassie. “What’s free time?” Cassie asked laughing at the question. “I have three jobs and I’m a full time student. When I am free though, I try to squeeze in time with friends, family, and my fiancé.”

This is Cassie’s fourth semester on Desk Staff and her favorite part of her job is working with her amazing co-workers.  Cassie said that this position has taught her how great customer service. “You’d be surprised,” Cassie said. “The things we get to handle here.”  Her biggest accomplishment as a member of staff was helping to launch a fully electronic package tracking system. “It made the mailroom so much more efficient and beneficial to our students,” Cassie said.  Another academic accomplishment that Cassie is proud of is making the Dean’s List all three years of her collegiate career.

Cassie also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “All my favorite Residence Life memories,” Cassie said, “Revolve around past and present co-workers and friends like Stephanie Wieck, Beth Heidtke, Matt Bergeron, Leanne DuCharme, Emma Christensen, Veronica Weirer, and many more.”

Thank you Cassie and good luck with this year!