When you move to a new place, you want to be as prepared as possible. Moving on campus is no different! When you move in, you will encounter a lot of new faces and new names; not just names of people but names of places too!

Here is the first blog in a series designed to help you adjust quickly. Each building in housing has a full name, an abbreviation, and how it is referred to by residents of housing. Here’s the cool-kid’s quick guide to what to call each building.

Full name                                         Abbreviation                     Referred to as

Ted Lenfestey Hall                              TLH                                    Ted

Arlene Walter Hall                             AWH                                   Arlene

Byron Walter Hall                              BWH                                  Byron

Josephine Lenfestey Hall                  JLH                                   Josie

R.E. Small Hall                                   RSH                                   Small

Cletus Vanderperren Hall                 CVH                                  Cletus

Robert W. Warren Hall                     RWH                                 Warren

Donald J. Long Sr. Hall                     DLH                                   Long

Robert W. Schaefer Hall                    BSH                                 Schafer or Schaf

James A. Temp Hall                           JTH                                  Temp

Roy E. Downham Hall                       RDH                                 Roy

3312                                                      3312                                    12

3314                                                      3314                                    14

3316                                                       3316                                    16

3318                                                      3318                                    18

3322                                                       3322                                  22

3324                                                      3324                                   24

3326                                                      3326                                   26

3332                                                       3332                                  32

3334                                                       3334                                  34

Tom Haevers Hall                              THH                                   Haevers

Richard J. Liebl Hall                          RLH                                   Liebl

Ed Thompson Hall                             ETH                                   Thompson or ETH

Keith A. Pamperin Hall                     KPH                                   Pamperin or KPH

Donald F. Harden Hall                     DHH                                  Harden

John I. Robishaw Hall                       JRH                                  Robishaw

Rodney W. De Spirito House           HOUSE                             The House