University life is full of abbreviations— from locations listed on a class schedule to conversations heard walking to class. To help new students feel in the loop here at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, here is a handy list that compiles all of the most popular UWGB abbreviations!

RA – Resident Assistant

CA – Community Advisor

AC – Area Coordinator

APE – Activities Programs Events

MPR – Multi Purpose Room, the “Basement” of the Community Center

RHAA – Residence Hall and Apartment Association

NRHH – National Residence Hall Honorary

CAB – Community Apartment Board

MC – Mauthe Center

CL ‐ Cofrin Library

ES ‐ Environmental Science

IS ‐ Instructional Services

KEC ‐ Kress Event Center, Usually called “the Kress”

LS ‐ Laboratory Sciences

MAC ‐ Mary Ann Cofrin Hall

RH ‐ Rose Hall

SA ‐ Studio Arts

SS ‐ Student Services

TH ‐ Theatre Hall

UU ‐ University Union

WH ‐ Wood Hall

CC – Community Council OR Community Center (Tricky, huh?)

D2L – Desire to Learn

PRO – Phoenix Recruitment Online

AIC – American Intercultural Center

GTP – Good Times Programming

GAC – General Access Computer Lab

SGA – Student Government Association

UTIC – University Ticketing & Information Center

The Cloud- The main common area in the Union