This week’s spotlight is on Juan Sebastian Garcia-Medina. He commonly goes by Sebastian and his nicknames include “Rico Suave” and “Seabass.” Sebastian is a human biology major, and in his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, talk to family, go for a run, and spend time reading or just napping.

Sebastian said his biggest accomplishment as a SHA is being in charge of Guest Services and the set ups and pick-ups that go along with having summer guests. Part of what Sebastian does in that role is helping distribute the work load between himself and the other SHAs so everything gets done with as little strain as possible. Sebastian is also proud of his academics, in particular the bonds he made with professors and adapting to a new culture and language were challenges that he overcame easier than anticipated.

This is Sebastian’s first summer as a SHA and his favorite part of being a SHA is working at the office and everything related with customer service.  One thing Sebastian said he has learned from being a SHA is how to manage my time efficiently, how to be more organized and how to be more capable and positive in general.

Great job Sebastian, and keep up the hard work!