This week’s SHA Spotlight is on Rosa Serrano. Rosa a Spanish and democracy and justice studies double major with an emphasis in international studies. In her free time, Rosa enjoys to read, sleep, and sketch.

Rosa is delighted to be a SHA. “I would say as a SHA we take on so many roles that it could get difficult to balance,” Rosa said. “But I’m proud that I have made it work and so have all the other SHAs.” Rosa also told us about her accomplishments during the academic year, including being the president of two organizations, Women of Color and La Organización Latino Americana, and also being on the planning committee for AMSLC that will be hosted at UWGB next year.

This is Rosa’s first summer as a SHA, and her favorite part is SHA is getting to work with so many great people. For Rosa, that’s what makes the job enjoyable and fun.  Rosa says that being a SHA has taught her a lot about patience, not only patience with other people but also with herself.

Great job Rosa, and thanks for all your hard work!