Do you live a “green” lifestyle? Do you like teaching your peers what it means to “live green”? If yes, they you should apply to be an Eco-Rep!

An Eco-Rep is a peer mentor that encourages students to live a “green” lifestyle by educating them on ways to recycle waste and conserve energy, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle. The mission statement for UW-Green Bay’s Eco-Reps is “Develop sustainable living habits of students residing on the UWGB campus so that they may reflect the reputation UWGB has as ‘Eco-U’”.

UW-Green Bay’s journey to having Eco-Reps has been on the sustainability coordinator, Laurie Case’s to-do list since 2011. In the Spring 2013 semester, two interning students really helped to get things going. Melissa and Amanda were working on internships for their Certificate in Environmental Sustainability and Business through UWGB’s Environmental Management and Business Institute and were able to pull together information from various other Eco-Rep programs and develop the framework for an Eco-Rep program here at UWGB. This will be the first semester that the program will have four Eco-Reps who will work with primarily freshman students. After this pilot year, the program will be reevaluated to see what the next steps should be.

Now right down to it: What does an Eco-Rep do? An Eco-Rep will build collaboration with the RA staff to promote green living to residents through programming, informational sessions, and other various ways. The main goal is to initiate processes that encourage consumption reduction, use of alternative and public transportation, proper waste management, energy efficient lifestyles, and sustainable living and enable behavior changing practices. As an Eco-Rep you will have to recruit residents to attend designated sustainability-related campus events, pose and distribute educational materials and create and eco-themed bulletin board, attend training sessions and monthly meetings with Residence Life, and other related tasks. The Eco-Rep position is a paid position that pays $500 per semester for approx. 8-10 hours of work a week.

In order to be considered for the Eco-Rep position you must:

-Be a full time student

                -Living on campus

                -Sophomore standing or higher

                -Have no disciplinary or academic probations

                -Have/maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher

                Have self-motivation and willing to take initiative

                -Must live a “green” lifestyle OR Be commit to start

Applications are due by July 15th and can be sent to