All residence halls and apartments are open during the semester break period. Final exams end on Wednesday, December 19.  Students not returning to housing for Spring 2013 must clean and vacate their room/apartment by 2:00 p.m. on this date. Students who plan to be gone for part or all of the break period should prepare their rooms and apartments accordingly using the following checklist:

1. Shut and latch all windows and closet all curtains or blinds.

2. Unplug items not needed or not being used.

3. Clean our refrigerators. We strongly recommend you defrost/clean unit if all residents will be leaving for break.

4. For students in 3312-3334, to prevent a pipe from freezing and causing costly water damage, please turn heat down to 2 or 3, but do not turn off the heat completely.

5. Remove all holiday decorations from your room or apartment.

6. If you have or will have a vacancy in your room or apartment, please prepare for a new roommate prior to leaving for the break.  The vacant space should be clean, clear of personal belongings and welcoming to a new resident. Shared areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms should also be clean and free of clutter.

7. Remove trash and recyclables from your room or apartment.

8. Submit a Maintenance Request for any items in your room or apartment which are in need of repair. There will be not be a charge for normal wear and tear.

9. Flush toilets and make sure all facets are turned off.

10. Make sure ovens, stoves, exhaust fans, and other appliances are turned off.

11. Take valuable items with you.

12. Park in the East Housing Parking Lot (near James Temp Hall) if you are planning to leave a vehicle on campus while you are away on break.


Please contact the Office of Residence Life via email: or telephone: (920) 465-2040 if you have any questions. Have a great semester break!