This semester, Residence Life welcomed 33 new Resident Assistants (RAs)!  One of the new RAs in Byron Walter Hall, Christine Pfiester, is excited to hold the RA position this semester! She is looking forward to watching the students living in her building grow as the year progresses, taking on leadership positions of their own. Christine also believes being an RA is a valuable experience that she will learn a lot from.

Christine is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Education and Humanistic Studies. She one day wants to teach at the middle school level, a time of transition for many students. She wants to help make that transition easier. Similarly, that is why Christine wanted to be an RA in a residence hall; she wanted to be a resource for other students. “I know coming into college can be scary and intimidating. I wanted to provide support,” she shared when asked why she decided to be an RA.

When not working as an RA or attending classes, Christine is involved with CRU (She’s a small group leader.), Phi Eta Sigma, and Phuture Phoenix (Christine tutors local middle and high school students.) In her free time, which Christine, admitted can be sometimes hard to find, Christine enjoys horseback riding and archery. Christine also claims to be an “avid movie-watcher— not passive!” She has seen 900+ movies!

If you are interested in becoming an RA, like Christine, talk to your RA, Area Coordinator (AC), or check out the informational sessions coming up on October 24 at Noon and 4PM in the American Intercultural Center (AIC). The deadline for mid-year selection is November 2, 2012 at noon!