Two articles have just been published featuring community outreach and research by ES&P graduate student Tom Prestby!

Tom Prestby and friends.

Birdathon Team “Cleopatra and the Stilts” including Tom Prestby (far right), Quentin Yoerger (left) and Cynthia Bridge (center)


He and his birdathon team were just featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about their participation in the Big Day of Birding hosted by the Great Wisconsin Birdathon. In a single day, his team saw 191 birds and traveled more than 600 miles through some of the best birding sites in Wisconsin. The Birdathon is a joint fundraising and community awareness effort between the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, and the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI). Read more:

His research on shorebirds was highlighted in the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity blog. He was able to document the 2000 mile journey of a Semipalmated Sandpiper between Maranhao, Brazil and Green Bay, Wisconsin using the bird’s leg band. Read more: