Reduction of Species Diversity

Suppose that all of the grains and vegetables that you eat will someday come from one or two varieties of each plant species. In other words, suppose that someday there are only one or two varieties each of rice, wheat, broccoli, potatoes, and all of the other grains and vegetables. Would this matter to you? Would it be important? Why or why not?

Empowering Women for Better Environment

Women around the world provide more health care to their family than most of the organized health organizations.  At home, it is the mother who takes care her sick children.  When a couple grows older, because women lives longer than men, it is usually the wife who takes care her ailing spouse.  When parents grow old, it is usually the daughters who take on the care-giver role for her ailing parents.

Yet, women’s contributions to the society health care are under-valued.  Write an essay on your reflection about this issue and discuss why “empowering women” is part of the solving environmental issues’ solution.

Violence against Women and Its Impact on Environment

According to the New York Times of September 13, 2013, the New Delhi court has sentenced 4 men who had brutally raped and murdered a woman on a bus to death.  See the link:

Violence against women is still very common in most part of the world.  Discuss why the violence against women is detrimental to the environment.