Fall 2014 was an incredibly successful semester for the UW-Green Bay Chapter of Ducks Unlimited. The highlight of the semester was our first ever Big Buck Contest, which included 22 participants bringing in $40 of profit for the purchase of duck houses which will be used in an upcoming service project. By virtue of the Fan Choice category, we reached 3,334 Facebook members with the winner receiving 150 likes and 12 new likes to the page that week.

Other highlights of the semester include guest speakers Chris Anderson and Bruce Deadman presenting on Ducks Unlimited in the Bay Area and Beyond, raising $500 for Ducks Unlimited by selling 2015 Wisconsin Gun Raffle Calendars, getting our first ever budget approved by the University, and the creation of our new logo. All of this would not have been possible if it were not for the hard work of our 14 committee-members. The semester was capped off by eight of our committee members attending the North-East Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Christmas Party including a brief presentation by Chairman Evan Miller on the role social media played in the Big Buck Contest.