Hello Everyone,

Below is a summary of what our organization (Ducks Unlimited) accomplished this semester. If you were involved, thank you very much for your involvement, and I hope you gained a lot from your experiences. If you were not involved, there is always time to become involved next year (and blend in with other new members). Stay tuned to your emails over summer, and I hope to see you all in Fall. Additionally, please remember to RSVP for the National Convention by Friday.

The semester of Spring 2015 with the Ducks Unlimited Chapter at UW-Green Bay was incredibly successful and eventful. Our key event of the semester was our Second Annual Banquet held March 5that the Woods Golf Course in Green Bay. With an attendance of over fifty people, over $6,000 raised, and over $4,000 in donated goods from local and national businesses, the event was an incredible success. In conjunction with the banquet, our org worked together for planning the event, soliciting local businesses, and promotion at the NEW Banquet and Brown County Sports Show.

Apart from our main event, our org stayed very busy throughout the semester. Some of the achievements we had included exceeding 100 likes on our Facebook page, participating with the American Fisheries Society Subunit on campus to see a guest speaker in enforcement at the Fish and Wildlife Service, holding a fundraising night at Buffalo Wild Wings, holding the First Annual Duck Games (a waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited themed Jeopardy gameshow), putting up wood duck nesting boxes in the campus arboretum, hosting guest speaker Jessica Schultz from the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance, and partaking with other orgs on campus in Eco-U’s Earth Week festivities. This semester would not have been possible if it were not for the hard work of our 12 dedicated committee-members. We hope to see continued involvement from our current members as well as the addition of new members to complete another great school year next year.



2014-2015 Chairman, Ducks Unlimited Chapter at UW-Green Bay