Wildnerness Experiences

January 30th, 2014 by Eric J. Morgan
John Muir

The experiences of Sierra Club founder John Muir during his youth on his family’s farm at Fountain Lake in Wisconsin were critical to his development and early thinking about wilderness and conservation.  Without the beauty of the fields, forests, and streams of the Muir farmland, which Muir adored, would he have developed into the father of the modern conservation movement?  It’s an interesting idea to consider.

What experiences with wilderness have been influential to you?  How have your interactions with wilderness made you think about yourself and the larger world?  Reflect on your personal relationship with wilderness and why such relationships are important.

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  1. andeml06

    My closest relationship with nature comes from my grandparents, who live on a small lake, surrounded by woods. Nature can be thought of as a place for people to escape to so that they can be by themselves, but for me it is a place that I can connect with my family. Without internet or cable, time at my grandparent’s house is spent catching up, wandering in the woods, sitting around a campfire at night together, and being in the moment with each other without having to worry about all the things that we have to do in life. Nature allows us time to slow down and focus on what is meaningful to us and that is why I think relationships with wilderness are important.

  2. wydel03

    I have been fortunate to have a close relationship with nature. My family always encouraged trips out west and we frequently go up north. Nature is a complex place to me, while humans in the past have tried to conquer it and shape it for ourselves, nature can ultimately survive without us. Nature has always been a place of respect. My family raised my brother and I to be respectful of others and our surroundings, and to choose our battles wisely. This was applied to nature as well. We were to be mindful of our actions in the wilderness, because in the end it would come full circle and we would have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

  3. bodaka28

    My personal relationship with nature is nurturing my son’s personal relationship with nature. Before becoming a parent to an outdoor kid, my interactions with nature were minimal. Now, my son could spend all of his daylight hours outside so I have immersed myself in as many outdoor activities as possible to nurture his relationship with nature.

  4. Eric J. Morgan

    Nicely said.

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