Fewer Wisconsin Conservation Grants

February 2nd, 2014 by Eric J. Morgan

A relevant and interesting story in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal discussing a sharp decline in Wisconsin DNR grants to preserve natural areas where hunting is restricted or banned.  This article brings up a fascinating debate about the contested use of land and who should and should not be able to use certain resources.  I’m an avid hiker and haven’t yet been startled by gunshots when hiking, though I probably would be if it happened.  That’s not to say, of course, that the two sports can’t coexist, but it’s an issue worthy of a discussion.

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  1. Shannon

    Gun season in Wisconsin is just a week long. For one week I believe that these two sports should be able to coexist. Hunting is generally a safe sport and being shot accidently is quite rare. I defiantly believe everyone has the right to feel safe out in the wild and if hunters use the correct safety precautions than everyone should be safe.

  2. Eric J. Morgan

    I had no idea that the hunting season in Wisconsin is so brief — that’s really surprising. And yes, hunting is generally a very safe sport.

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