Doug Larscheid

Wilderness Project

This is a final project that I wrote for my group in Professor Voelker’s Wilderness class. I worked with a partner to take the film, and worked with a partner to do the editing. It defines the relationship between Baird Creek and the larger wilderness ideal in America.

– Doug

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


House of Leaves Digital Essay

After an entire day of lab time I have a brand new chapter of my digital essay to share with the world. This is the first chapter I have finished in my essay on the epigraphs in House of Leaves, and to view it you should click on the panel with the roman numeral ii.

Chapter II – Monsters


– Doug

Prezi Poem

Here is a prezi version of a poem I wrote last year called “Selection”.

It took me an extremely long time to figure out what I was doing here, but I eventually got the hang of it and think it looks pretty cool. If I learn nothing else this entire semester I will walk away knowing that taking the ten minutes to watch a tutorial can and will save you 4 hours.

– Doug

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