Digital Humanities at UWGB

When we first sat down to decide what we wanted from Digital Humanities we came up with chaos. Dr. Rybak had some really wonderful ideas. Unfortunately, being a professor automatically puts you in the position to have your great ideas vetoed by unruly students who have their own ideas of what an awesome project looks like. So with that in mind, we all went our seperate ways. Sure there were times when we worked on the same thing like Word Clouds but aside from Blair and Katie, the rest of us chose to go it alone.

This was a great introduction to all that is shiny and magical about Digital Humanities but it was also a reality check for many of us, ie. it was and is hard. Doing something huge and wonderful takes hair-pulling, crying-in-the-bathroom-so-no-one-can-hear-you, yelling-at-the-computer-because-obviously-you-were-very-specific-with-your-directions-and-it-won’t-work-so-it-must-be-some-kind-of-hell-demon kind of work (how’s that for modifiers Dr.Rybak). But in the end, we all wanted it… bad. We wanted to walk away with that “Look at what I did” feeling in our gut. I think we all walked away knowing the work we put into it but maybe feeling a little low about what we had to show.

However, it was fun and we know that there is always next semester or a computer at home to work on when we graduate. Because we didn’t just learn Digital Humanities this semester, we learned to be self-reliant.

Thanks to Dr. Rybak for all his patience and to Kate for starting the fire.