Friday, September 28th was the birthday of the new UWGB Computer Science Club (CSC). The founding members are 4 UWGB Computer Science majors. Elected Chair is Baasanbat Purevjal (Baska), Club Officers are Aaron Albright, Shayon Mukharjee and Brandon Oium. Founding mambers include Jacob Owens and Eric Christenson. Since then the Club was joined by additional Computer Science majors.

The first even is Friday October 5th, the Raspberry Boot-up at which a Raspberry Pi (pictured) will be started up. Plans of the Club include attending hackathons, participating in the ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest, learning mobile app development, trying our hands with microcontrollers (PIC, ATMEL or Arduino) and robots (arms and more). All geeks are called to join at (or click the picture)