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Computer Science

Brussels Philharmonic plays music with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

By Tyler Lee for

What happens when a prestigious symphonic orchestra and an innovating technologymeet? A musical revolution takes place: the Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world to replace its paper sheet music by Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets.

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ESA, NASA Test Interplanetary Internet By Remote Controlling a Lego Robot from The ISS

By Jon Fingas for

NASA (and the ESA) have long been working on a multi-planet internet that can link up spaceships, probes and rovers, but they’ve at last brought the experimentation from the broad scale to smaller dimensions. Lego bricks, to be exact.

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RISC OS For The Raspberry Pi

by Jamie Rigg for

The latest officially supported operating system on the Raspberry Pi is the original RISC OS. A far cry from Linux variants the naked board is used to, RISC OS was developed in the late eighties by the same hotshots who designed the first ARM processor. Fittingly, it’s also related to the OS found on the BBC Micro, a computer that shared the Raspberry Pi’s educational vision. Don’t expect much from the simple OS, but it will run extremely fast given the Pi’s hardware is practically futuristic compared with the computers it was intended for. The simplicity does mean, however, that it’s much easier to get right into the system and start tinkering. It was formerly a closed-source OS, so luckily, there are a bunch of Programmers’ Reference Manuals (PRMs) available to kick-start your next project. Click the image for details.

Cray unleashes 100 petaflop XC30 supercomputer with up to a million Intel Xeon cores

By Timothy Prickett Morgan for The

Hot on the heels of the delivery of the 20-plus petaflops “Titan” CPU-GPU hybrid supercomputer to Oak Ridge National Laboratory last week, Cray has launched what is unquestionably a much better machine, the long-awaited “Cascade” system developed in conjunction with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and sporting the new “Aries” interconnect.

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Potentially Inhabitable Super-Earth Discovered in 6-Planet Solar System

A new super-Earth planet that may have an Earth-like climate and be just right to support life has been discovered around a nearby star by an international team of astronomers, led by Mikko Tuomi, University of Hertfordshire, and Guillem Anglada-Escude, University of Goettingen.

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Computer Science Club Meeting, Wednesday, November 7, 5:00 pm

MAC Hall C303

RasBaby Masquerading As Laptop

The things little computers do when you are not watching.

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The Dark Pi Rises in The Form of a Drone

By Edwin Kee for

The Dark Knight Rises had an impression on everyone who watched it. Hopefully, a good one at that, just like how the highly sought out Raspberry Pi mini computer has been transformed into what you see in the video above – The Dark Pi Rises. Aerospace engineer “algorhythmic” has cobbled together a remote controlled, roving surveillance vehicle that is equipped with a night-vision camera. Obviously, a Raspberry Pi mini computer runs at the heart of things to keep everything working fine and dandy.

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Raspberry Pi As Laptop

That’s one way to do it. Click image for details.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera

As seen below. Click image for details.