Don’t forget that Wednesday is the day of the Fall Jobs and Careers Fair:  Wednesday, September 26 from 9:30am to 1pm. Stop by in the Phoenix Rooms with a resume, dressed in professional attire, and start looking for the internship or full-time position that will be your first job after graduation.

Remember: no internship, and you will not have a first job! For at least two or three years, or more … So no excuse for any delay, the time is now. Check in with Career Services so that they can take a look at your resume. It also should be professional, no typos, no errors, no bad grammar. Then – best of luck in your new career!

Also remember the word to the wise: the most important day in a student’s life at college is the day after graduation. That’s when the truth is out: does the student get a professional, well-paid job, and start a career, or just joins the hordes of the unemployed or under-employed, with a degree that’s good for nothing. So if you don’t get a job the moment you graduate, I will give you an “F” retroactively for a random course! (Just kidding. But realize the importance of getting ready to go.)