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Potentially Inhabitable Super-Earth Discovered in 6-Planet Solar System

A new super-Earth planet that may have an Earth-like climate and be just right to support life has been discovered around a nearby star by an international team of astronomers, led by Mikko Tuomi, University of Hertfordshire, and Guillem Anglada-Escude, University of Goettingen.

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RasBaby Masquerading As Laptop

The things little computers do when you are not watching.

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The Dark Pi Rises in The Form of a Drone

By Edwin Kee for

The Dark Knight Rises had an impression on everyone who watched it. Hopefully, a good one at that, just like how the highly sought out Raspberry Pi mini computer has been transformed into what you see in the video above – The Dark Pi Rises. Aerospace engineer “algorhythmic” has cobbled together a remote controlled, roving surveillance vehicle that is equipped with a night-vision camera. Obviously, a Raspberry Pi mini computer runs at the heart of things to keep everything working fine and dandy.

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Raspberry Pi As Laptop

That’s one way to do it. Click image for details.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera

As seen below. Click image for details.

IBM Anounces Chip Breakthrough Using Carbon Nanotubes

by Craig Lloyd, Oct 30th 201 for

IBM has reported that they’re making great strides on developing a new technology that will continue to make chips smaller, while also making them continually faster at the same time. Using carbon nanotubes, IBM scientists have been able to build hybrid chips with more than 10,000 working transistors. Click the image below for details.

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NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units Power Supercomputer

16,688 nodes, each with an NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU carry out 27 petaflops = 27,000 trillion floating point operations per second, 90% of it done by the GPUs, making Titan the world’s fastest computer. Not bad, given that NVIDIA GPUs’ main customers are computer and video game players. Playing this time is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Science must be fun. Click the image for details.

RasBaby Makes It To The Internet

and finds baby’s original desktop.

RasBaby Sporting LXDE Desktop

XDA-University Aims to Cover All Android Development Needs

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