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Computer Science

Computer Science Club Meeting, Wednesday, November 7, 5:00 pm

MAC Hall C303

RasBaby Masquerading As Laptop

The things little computers do when you are not watching.

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The Dark Pi Rises in The Form of a Drone

By Edwin Kee for

The Dark Knight Rises had an impression on everyone who watched it. Hopefully, a good one at that, just like how the highly sought out Raspberry Pi mini computer has been transformed into what you see in the video above – The Dark Pi Rises. Aerospace engineer “algorhythmic” has cobbled together a remote controlled, roving surveillance vehicle that is equipped with a night-vision camera. Obviously, a Raspberry Pi mini computer runs at the heart of things to keep everything working fine and dandy.

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Raspberry Pi As Laptop

That’s one way to do it. Click image for details.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera

As seen below. Click image for details.