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Computer Science

The Parallella project by Adapteva: the $99 supercomputer for everyone

Parallel computing for everyone promised with 16- and 64-core boards.

by  – Sept 27 2012, 5:00pm CDT for Ars Technica

Raspberry Pi-sized board called Parallella puts supercomputing power into a $99 package.


Chipmaker Adapteva wants to make parallel computing available to everyone, but there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard the company’s name. Founded in 2008, Adapteva focuses on building low-power RISC chips, which it sells to board manufacturers, and is trying to license its intellectual property to mobile processor vendors for use in smartphones.“We’re way down the food chain,” Adapteva CEO and founder Andreas Olofsson told Ars. But Adapteva wants to bring its technology directly to the people who would actually use it, with aKickstarter project to raise at least $750,000, and a stretch goal of $3 million.

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Modbook Pro launches on October 3rd: Mac and Win8, dual boot, dual digitizer tablet

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Rover News


Curiosity finds rocky remnant of ancient martian streambed

In a finding that verifies earlier suspicions, the Curiosity rover sends back images featuring rocks made up of gravels scientists say were once swept along by a “vigorous” flow of water.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, slowly nearing its initial science destination where multiple types of terrain come together, has found outcrops of conglomerate rocks made up of eroded gravels that scientists believe were transported across the floor of Gale Crater by a “vigorous” flow of ankle- to hip-deep water in the distant past, scientists said today.

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A Really Cool 3D Printer – Crowd-sourced in One Day

By Terrence O’Brien posted Sep 26th 2012 6:46PM for
Formula ONE 3D printer

A $2,300 3D printer isn’t really anything special anymore. We’ve seen them as cheap as $350 in fact. But all those affordable units are of the extrusion variety — meaning they lay out molten plastic in layers. The FORM 1 opts for a method called stereolithography that blasts liquid plastic with a laser, causing the resin to cure. This is one of the most accurate methods of additive manufacturing, but also one of the most expensive thanks to the need for high-end optics, with units typically costing tens-of-thousands of dollars. A group of recent grads from the MIT Media Lab have managed to replicate the process for a fraction of the cost and founded a company called Formlabs to deliver their innovations to the public. Like many other startups, the group turned to Kickstarter to get off the ground and easily passed its $100,000 within its first day. As of this writing over $250,000 had been pledged and the first 25 printers have already been claimed.
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Quad core? How about 768,000 cores? – To Simulate The Entire Universe, Of Course

From The Atlantic

Meet Mira, the Supercomputer That Makes Universes

Next month, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers will run the largest, most complex universe simulation ever attempted.

Argonne National Laboratory
Cosmology is the most ambitious of sciences. Its goal, plainly stated, is to describe the origin, evolution, and structure of the entire universe, a universe that is as enormous as it is ancient.

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The City of Green Bay Police Department seeks Programmer/Analyst

Programmer/Analyst – City of Green Bay Police Department

The City of Green Bay Police Department is seeking a Programmer/Analyst

$24.07/hour with excellent benefit package
The City of Green Bay Police Department is seeking a Programmer/Analyst for development and maintenance of in-house custom developed programs, databases and reports. The successful candidate will possess strong programming skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, strong time management skills, the ability to interact with IS and departmental staff, and the ability to work independently on assignments.

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Jobs and Careers Fair on Wednesday, September 26 from 9:30am to 1pm in the Phoenix Rooms!

Don’t forget that Wednesday is the day of the Fall Jobs and Careers Fair:  Wednesday, September 26 from 9:30am to 1pm. Stop by in the Phoenix Rooms with a resume, dressed in professional attire, and start looking for the internship or full-time position that will be your first job after graduation.

Remember: no internship, and you will not have a first job! For at least two or three years, or more … So no excuse for any delay, the time is now. Check in with Career Services so that they can take a look at your resume. It also should be professional, no typos, no errors, no bad grammar. Then – best of luck in your new career!

Also remember the word to the wise: the most important day in a student’s life at college is the day after graduation. That’s when the truth is out: does the student get a professional, well-paid job, and start a career, or just joins the hordes of the unemployed or under-employed, with a degree that’s good for nothing. So if you don’t get a job the moment you graduate, I will give you an “F” retroactively for a random course! (Just kidding. But realize the importance of getting ready to go.)


Full time or Intern – FUELQUEST, in Green Bay, WI

FUELQUEST, in Green Bay, WI is looking for about a half dozen new developers in either .NET or Java.  They are also looking for Q/A and Business Analysis team members for their team in Green Bay.  These are full time hires, but they would consider internships as well. As always, these positions are listed on PRO as well, and you could contact the CS chair at about these positions.

For more details, contact

Tim Titler
Director of Software Engineering,



Internships at Integrys: On-campus interview opportunities!

Consider attending the Job and Internship Fair on September 26th. Among others, our largest area employer, Integrys (that includes Wisconsin Public Service) is interview for internships. They will also interview on campus on the 28th.

Currently Integrys is looking for five Programmer Analyst interns, two Business Systems Analyst interns and one Project Manager intern to work with our teams on a part time basis that fits around their school schedule and full time for the summer.  These are paid positions and with a Fortune 500 company that has an excellent reputation for outstanding internships.

Corey Nease graduated from UWGB and moved from an intern into a full time position with Integrys.  He encouraged students at the Fall job fair and here are some things he said in a past email to UWGB students and professors…

Some of the things they’re looking for at Integrys:

  • ·        Software Design I and II completed.
  • ·        Database class is a plus, but by no means required (I didn’t have it when I was hired).
  • ·        At least a year until graduation.
    • o   As long as the student is a sophomore, they don’t care how long they have left until graduation.
  • ·        20ish hours during the school year and 40 hours during breaks.

Some of the benefits of working as an Intern:

  • ·        They pay the interns very well.
  • ·        They let you work on projects that are meaningful to the company.
  • ·        They will take time to teach you any skill you’re lacking.
  • ·        They work with your school schedule
  • ·        Very good chance of getting a job after graduation. (We hire Interns with the intention of hiring if possible.)

The Job Fair is Wednesday (9/26/2012) and we will be doing interviews on Friday the 28th on the UWGB campus!      Stop by and meet Chris or Robin to discuss the positions.  Looking forward to meeting you.       

Internship at J. J. Keller

Web programming intern – J.J. Keller

Contact: find job id 927 at

Position Description: J. J. Keller’s Business Services team has experienced solid growth for the past several years. In order to meet current business needs and plan for continued future growth, we’re ramping up our Intern/Co-op Program with students interested in a Development/Programming career who are studying in a Computer Engineering or Computer Science related program.Our Business Services team includes three development groups that are dedicated to the creation of web applications and software to meet the needs of our customers. This includes numberous proprietary web and SaaS offerings, such as KellerOnline, Prospera, FleetMentor, Encompass, CSA Managment Suite, and more. Our in-house development teams create applications using .NET Microsoft technologies, mobile development technologies and Agile/Scrum methodology.Our Developer Interns are part of our in-house development teams, working side-by-side with our experienced, tenured team of developers who serve as mentors. We give our interns challenging work, both to build upon educational experience and to add to learning and development with exposure to the full software and web development life cycle including analysis, design, development, and testing.
Position Requirements:
  • Student pursuing a Bachelors degree program in Computer Science or Computer Engineering Program in Junior or Senior standing.
  • Completion of a Web programming course, .NET or Java development course, and an intro data structures course.
  • Ability to work 12-15 hours per week Monday – Friday during the school year, or participation in a full-time co-op program.