Professional Development

Professional Development Allocations Committee

Duties: Allocation of UW System and University funds for individual professional development activities and for professional development programming

Membership: Two classified staff employees. Current members are Amy Ibuaka (Chairperson) and Liz Hessler.

Allowable costs: Individual requests for funding should be limited to the areas of professional development or technical training. Types of activities include conferences, workshops, seminars, mini-courses, and training programs. College credit courses are not allowed unless directly related to current job duties.
Due to limited funding, employees are encouraged to request departmental funding in support of professional development activities prior to applying for Allocation monies. The Classified Staff Allocation Committee reserves the right to inquire of the employee regarding this matter

How to apply: Classified staff employees interested in applying for professional development funds should complete the Request Form (download and type or fill in online and print) submit it to Amy Ibuaka, Phoenix Bookstore.
Note: All travel expenditures are governed by the UW System travel regulations. These regulations can be found on the Web at

Feedback: Upon completion of the professional development activity, you must provide feedback via the Allocations Evaluation Form, so that information can be shared with others who may be interested in participating in the activity in the future

Upcoming opportunities:
Please note the following partial list of the many agencies offering professional development opportunities:
Fred Pryor and Career Track
Jossey-Bass (scroll down to ‘Calendar of Conferences’ on the left side bar)
Mary Jane Mapes, CSP, Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops
National Seminars Group, Rockhurst University Seminars
Padgett-Thompson Seminars
Skillpath Seminars, CompuMaster Seminars
UW-Green Bay Office of Outreach and Extension
Wisconsin Council of Safety