Each University Staff Committee member shall have a term of office of two years. Terms correspond to the University’s fiscal year.  A representative shall not serve more than three consecutive terms, and a one-year break is required for anyone serving the maximum term limit before resuming membership.

If you’d like to ask any of the current Committee members a question, click on their names listed below.

Current Membership

Jan Snyder (2014-15), (Chair)
Amanda Wildenberg (2014-16), (Vice Chair)
Tina Tackmier (2014-15), (Secretary)
Holly Keenerr (2014-16), (Treasurer)

Kimberly Danielson (2014-16), (USC Member)
Monika Pynaker (2014-16), (USC Member)
Kevin Boerschinger (2014-15), (USC Member)

Becky Ouradnik, Liaison to the Chancellor’s Office
Christine Olson, Liaison to the Office of Human Resources