CSAC members are elected to a two-year term, with those terms staggered so that six (6) seats are open each year. The goal is to have two (2) members of each constituency group (blue collar, professional, safety and secruity, supervisory, technical and administrative occupations) on the Council. If you’d like to ask any of the current Council members a question, click on their names listed below.

Current Membership

Ruth Pearson (2013-15), Nursing (Chair)
Amanda Wildenberg (2014-16), Dean of Students Office (Co-Chair)
Amy Ibuaka (2013-15), Phoenix Bookstore (Treasurer)
Tina Tackmier (2013-15), Student Life (Secretary)

Brenda Beck (2013-15), Human Development & Information and Computing Science
Kevin Boerschinger (2014-16), Computing and Information Technology
Sandy Folsom (2014-16), Outreach and Adult Access
Liz Hessler (2014-16), NEW Partnership for Children and Families
Cheryl Pieper (2013-15), Financial Specialist
Monika Pynaker (2014-16), Computing and Information Technology
Jan Snyder (2014-16), Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Paul Wikgren (2013-15), Business & Finance

Becky Ouradnik, Liaison to the Chancellor’s Office
Christine Olson, Liaison to the Office of Human Resources