This Council shall consist of a maximum of 12 members. The goal is to have two members of each constituency group (blue collar, professional, safety and security, supervisory, technical and adminsitrative occupations. Members shall be appointed to a two (2) year term with those terms staggered so that six seats are open each year.

There are two liaisons on the Council representing University of Wisconsin-Green Bay administration. These liaisons are from the Offices of the Chancellor and Human Resources.

Calendar of Responsibilities

1. Initiate a call for nominations to all classified staff members for election to the Council; facilitate the election process. Nominations must be solicited in a timeframe to accommodate May elections.
   a. Positions to be appointed by the Council from within its Council membership: secretary, treasurer, vice chairperson and chairperson.
   b. The vice chairperson will act as chairperson in the chairperson’s absence.
   c. Upon completion of the chairperson’s term, the vice chairperson will assume that role.
   d. Committee chairs will also be appointed from within Council membership.
2. Hold open meetings on an as needed basis with time, date, agenda, and location announced.<
3. Develop and maintain brochure about the Council and distribute to all classified staff.
4. Update the Founder’s Award plaque on an annual basis.
5. Maintain Classified Staff Advisory Council Web page.
6. Treasurer to provide financial report to appropriate budget authority on a monthly basis.
7. Initiate inquiry of Advancement Employee Drive balance and disperse as directed by the Council.

Selecting a classified staff member for UW-Green Bay committee participation

When classified staff participation is requested on a campus-wide appointive committee, a request for such participation will be forwarded to the Classified Staff Advisory Council.

Current commitees including classified staff are:

  • Awards and Recognition Committee, last recipient of the award fills the position for the next year)
  • Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity, appointed by the Chancellor
  • Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Equality for Women, appointed by the Chancellor<>
  • Committee on Individuals with Disabilities, appointed by the Provost
  • Health and Safety Committee, appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
  • Institutional Assessment Committee, appointed by the Provost

Founder’s Classified Staff Award for Excellence

The Founders Association Classifed Staff Award for Excellence is presented at Fall Convocation. This award offers recogntion to members of the classified staff whose activities, accomplishments, and service within the institution and the community is most deserving of acknowledgement by the University. Other criteria include, but are not limited to, exemplary commitment to their work, shows innovation/creativity and initiates activities valuable to the institution and/or to a range of people in a number of different ways. Other criteria include, but are not limited to, positive interaction with peers, students, faculty and staff at UW-Green Bay and/or the community; sustained level of excellence in commitment and attitude.

After presentation of the award at Convocation, a member of the Council should contact the Office of Marketing and University Communication. They will have the plaque picked up by an outisde vendor for engraving. The plaque is located in a display case at the junction of the hallways which lead to Rose Hall and Wood Hall and the hallway leading from the Student Services Building. A work order has to be done to open the case. Charge to the CSAC budget and have Operations deliver the plaque to Marketing and Communication. Be sure to provide the appropriate budget numbers for chargeback for the plaque engraving.