Chair positions for Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) committees are filled by Council members, but input and membership are open to all classified staff. The committee chairs will refer to the Nominations Committee election results to contact people who had been nominated but not elected to serve on the Council to seek their interest in committee membership.

Professional Development Allocations Committee

Current Membership: Amy Ibuaka, Chair; Liz Hessler and Ron Kottnitz
Duties: Allocation of UW System and University funds for individual professional development activities and for professional development programming.
Allowable Costs: Individual requests for funding should be limited to the areas of professional development or technical training. Types of activities include conferences, workshops, seminars, mini-courses, and training programs. College credit courses are not allowed unless directly related to current job duties.
How to Apply: Classified staff employees interested in applying for profesional development funds should complete the Request Form (download and type or complete online and print) and submit it to Amy Ibuaka, Phoenix Bookstore.
Feedback: Upon completion of the professional development activity, the Committee asks that you provide feedback via the Allocations Evaluation Form, so that information can be shared with others who may be interested in participating in the activity in the future.

Professional Development Programming Committee

Current membership: Mark Roe, Chair; Leah Smith and Ron Kottnitz
Duties:Assist with program preparation — order refreshments, create posters, fliers, and invitations, create evaluations, introduce speakers, tabulate evaluations.

Campus -wide Appointive Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee
Currently serving: Sandra Bohman
Meeting frequency: Three times annually
Length of term: One year
Campus experience recommended: Two years
Duties: Review nominations for the Founders Association Awards and select annual recipients
Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity (appointed by Chancellor)
Currently serving: Liz Hessler
Meeting frequency: Monthly in academic year
Length of term: Three years
Campus experience recommended: Three years
Duties: Provide advice and counsel to Chancellor on matters related to Plan 2008 implementation, affirmative action, compliance and campus policies on access, opportunity, employment, recuritment and retention.
Committee on Individuals with Disabilities (appointed by Provost)
Currently serving: Teri Ternes
Meeting frequency: Twice per semester; as needed
Length of term: Three years
Campus experience recommended: Zero+ years
Duties: Advise Provost on disability-related concerns on campus.
Health and Safety Committee (appointed by Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, two members)
Currently serving: Donna Van Straten and Joe Schoenebeck
Meeting frequency: Twice per semester
Length of term: Two years
Campus experience recommended: Two+ years
Duties: Advise the Vice Chancellor on issues related to the health, safety and wellness of the University community.