The university staff carries out its governance responsibilities through elective standing committees and joint governance committees.  The same membership eligibility, service terms, vacancies, and meeting procedures that apply to the USC also apply to each standing committee.

Election Committee

Current membership:
Cheryl Pieper (2014-16), (Chair)
Ron Kottnitz (2014-16), (EC Member)
Teri Ternes (2014-15), (EC Member)

a) To solicit candidates from among the eligible university staff to serve on elected and appointed committees via an annual survey.

b) To prepare ballots for the open positions on the university staff subcommittees in accordance with the membership criteria established for each committee, and to strive for broad representation of the campus community.

c) To facilitate and oversee the voting process, which includes two nominees when possible for each open committee seat, and provide space for write-in candidates.

d) To submit the numerical results of the election and the recommendations for campus-wide appointive committee assignments to the USC Chair prior to the last USC meeting of the fiscal year.

e) To consult with the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff to determine whether vacancies occurring because of resignations or leaves of absence shall be filled by appointment or special election.

Personnel Committee

Current Membership:
Kevin Boerschinger (2014-16), (Chair)
Kim Mezger (2014-16), (PC Member)
Cheryl Pieper (2014-16), (PC Member)
Brenda Beck (2014-15), (PC Member)
Leah Liebergen (2014-15), (PC Member)

a) To review annually and provide recommendations regarding existing institutional guidelines for the conversion of positions from university staff to academic staff, and academic staff to university staff.

b) To review annually all conversions of positions from university staff to academic staff, and academic staff to university staff.

c) To review annually, ascertain compliance with, and provide recommendations regarding existing institutional guidelines for vacant and/or new university staff positions.

d) To undertake related special assignments at the request of the USC.

Professional Development Committee

Current Membership:
Teri Ternes (2014-16), (Chair)
Tina Tackmier (2014-16), (PD Member)
Peggy Van Rixel (2014-16), (PD Member)
Kimberly Danielson (2014-15), (PD Member)
Monika Pynaker (2014-15), (PD Member)

a) To survey the university staff annually to determine professional development needs and priorities.

b) To notify university staff of the availability of professional development funds.

c) To meet to review individual funding requests, make decisions in compliance with UW System budget regulations, and inform applicants of the committee’s decision.

d) To plan programming for university staff conferences and seminars.

e) To work with the academic staff to plan programming for joint professional development events.

f) To report the committee’s activities to the USC.

g) To review the funding procedure and present recommendations to the USC on an annual basis.
How to Apply: University staff employees interested in applying for profesional development funds should complete the Request Form (download and type or complete online and print) and submit it to Teri Ternes.
Feedback: Upon completion of the professional development activity, the Committee asks that you provide feedback via the Allocations Evaluation Form, so that information can be shared with others who may be interested in participating in the activity in the future.

Campus-wide Appointive Committees

Please see the bylaws for a detailed description of the campus-wide appointive committees.

Awards and Recognition Committee

Committee on Legislative Affairs

Committee on Workload and Compensation

Library and Instructional Technology Committee