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To meet budget challenges and to turn them into opportunities we will need the engagement of everyone. Please share your best ideas and ask important questions on the Chancellor’s blog page.


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay University Staff Committee, on behalf of the university staff body, approved the following resolution on Monday, February 9, 2015.


Whereas, The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s mission to deliver quality education to a diverse student body by cultivating knowledge, encouraging investigation into disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, and promoting civic engagement and lifelong learning will be severely hampered by the magnitude of the proposed UW System budget reductions; be it Resolved, That the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s university staff is committed to its unwavering support of our campus mission and opposes the 2015-17 proposed budgetary cuts to the UW-System.




The schedule for the Classified Staff Advisory Council Fall 2014 Conference is now available and registration IS NOW CLOSED (visit the Fall Conference Page for the registration link)!

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Dr. Humor – Professional Development Opportunity

Dr. Humor
Wednesday, April 30
Christie Theatre

Sponsored by the Classified Staff Advisory Council and
Academic Staff Professional Developement Programming Committee

FREE!!  Register here:

Event Overview:
Dr. Stuart Robertshaw, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and an Attorney, will share his personal journey which began in September, 1987 when he started a review of the research on the benefits of humor. On June 28, 1990, he announced the formation of the National Association for the Humor Impaired. The Association has received national attention from the press in over 144 newspapers, 180 radio stations and has been featured in magazines such as Family Circle and Mature Outlook. Dr. Robertshaw, whom the press refers to as “Dr. Humor,” currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association. Dr. Robertshaw will share with you what he has learned about the psychological and physiological benefits of humor and laughter as they relate to taking care of our ourselves, our friends and our loved ones.