Branding Initiative Update

by Office of the Chancellor | July 12, 2012

Dear UW-Green Bay faculty, staff and friends,

Many of you have been curious about the current status of our branding initiative and I am pleased to update you on its progress. As noted in a May 3 communication, BVK, a marketing firm from Milwaukee, was selected through a comprehensive evaluation process following a request for proposals. All of you were invited (and some of you attended) a meeting with BVK through a public presentation on the branding initiative on May 7.

Since then, BVK has been working with a core team that includes Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Bev Carmichael; Steve Vandenavond and Eric Craver from Outreach and Adult Access; Mike Stearney, Pam Harvey-Jacobs and Jen Jones from Admissions and Enrollment, Sue Bodilly from Marketing and University Communication, and me on development of a brand that reflects the unique characteristics of UW-Green Bay and our higher education market. BVK has visited campus twice in the summer months. First, they showed three different creative concepts that showcase our brand. Faculty, staff and current students were invited to take part in the presentation and decide which one of those concepts to move forward. Just recently, BVK took the selected concept and designed a number of creative executions, including those for Admissions and Adult Degree, but also for general campus (internal) and community branding. BVK is also working with us on a three-year marketing plan.

As you may have heard, a number of factors have precipitated our need for improved marketing and branding. Among those….

1. A decline in traditional-aged college-bound students. There are fewer high school graduates because of population decline in that demographic. Wisconsin is below the national average in college attendance and UW-Green Bay is experiencing increased competition from very strong public and private colleges and universities in the region as well as for-profit institutions.

2. In the Strategic Planning process, our many on-campus and community forums pointed to a deficiency in marketing and message. There was concern that we needed to better state our identity. Who are we and what do we do best at UW-Green Bay?

3. We recognize that there are negative consequences of not effectively branding and using our existing resources effectively.

We will share a “brand reveal” at Convocation, being held on Tuesday, August 28th.

I look forward to sharing more with you at a later date…

Thomas K. Harden