‘Quick Fixes’ make difference

by Office of the Chancellor | October 12, 2010

When we solicited suggestions from the UW-Green Bay community one year ago for simple steps to make the campus a better place, the collective response was impressive.

Faculty and staff members generated more than 110 ideas for easy ways to boost morale, extend services, improve our policies and generally make life here more pleasant. Some suggestions were found to be measures already in progress, or they were not “Quick Fixes” at all because of cost, complexity or time horizon. All ideas were discussed at the cabinet level, however, and about two dozen emerged as priorities.

We spotlighted these initiatives at the faculty/staff convocation in August. Among those I mentioned:

  • New handicapped parking spots near the Library
  • Changes to the Academic Excellence Symposium
  • We have added student photos to our class-roster database as an aid to faculty and staff
  • An expanded freshmen orientation program
  • We formally encourage internal applicants for vacant positions, while intensifying our efforts to recruit minority applicants
  • Students took the lead in establishing a community garden promoting sustainability

There were many more, of course, from making artwork more visible and the Weidner Carillon more accessible, to streamlining our internal curriculum-approval process.

The Quick Fixes demonstrate that people are committed to building an even greater UW-Green Bay. There is a strong sense of ownership. Read the full list here.