Greetings… and gratitude

by Office of the Chancellor | October 12, 2010

Greetings! UW-Green Bay enters the new school year on a flurry of positive headlines — record ACTs for our new freshmen, record minority enrollment, and major grants for our faculty— but I’ll pinpoint two other recent events because they illustrate the unique nature of a University community.

On Sept. 8 we formally opened our new residence hall and named it for Keith Pamperin. References to “family” and “home” were heard throughout the dedication ceremony. Keith was one of the first students to live on campus, to earn his degrees here and to serve as Alumni Association president.

Just days later we learned Keith, his wife, Judy, and about 30 fellow travelers from the Green Bay community, all Learning in Retirement members, had narrowly escaped a flash fire on their Oregon tour bus. The video of the charred bus and the survivors’ stories confirmed they were lucky to get out alive.

One of our colleagues here, someone who helps facilitate the LIR chapter, was explaining to a reporter why distinctions involving ad hoc tour vs. undergraduate travel course didn’t much matter.

“LIR has nearly 1,000 members,” he said, “and each and every one is part of our larger University family.”

I echo those sentiments. We’re grateful for the health and safety of all those who consider UWGB their “home.” And thank you all for your contributions to that larger family.